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I am Always interested to all is new, beautiful, technological and fascinating. Since I was kid I had two great passions: the cars and the photography. For the cars it would like to have a collection of old car, but for the moment this is a dream. For the daily use I have a BMW, and with it I enjoy to drive in the way home office also. I take photos from I was 10 years old, before with compact small cameras that my father bought to me, then I joined to reflex world, with Minolta, Topcon and then Olympus. I developed and I printed my films B/W at home with a friend and until I was student this went ahead well and I realized appreciable photos also . Then, with the family and job engagements, I continued only to make family photo until the arrival of the digital that waked up in me the passion for the beautiful photography. I have begun with a superzoom, a Sony H1, with which I have obtained good shots, then the requirements are increased and I returned to the reflex, currently Nikon D7000 with several lenses. I hope sooner or later to get a full frame reflex for the unsurpassable quality of it shots.

Photokina 2008

Penso che sia giusto iniziare questo blog con alcune considerazioni sull’ultima Photokina che si è svolta lo scorso settembre. Infatti in questa edizione si sono manifestati alcuni fenomeni di mercato e sono state presentate alcune novità che caratterizzzeranno fortemente l’evoluzione del mercato fotografico e il modo di fare fotografia per i prossimi anni. prima di parlare in dettaglio delle novità presentate è quindi importante capire che direzione sta prendendo il mondo della fotografia. Continua a leggere Photokina 2008